Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iranian diplomats expelled from UK arrive home

A group of 25 Iranian diplomats expelled from Britain have arrived home. They were sent back to Tehran following an attack on the British embassy.

“Death to England”, shouted protesters at the airport. Dozens of students turned out to greet their compatriots, but the diplomats were ushered away.

“We’ve come here to welcome the Iranian ambassador from the UK. We are very happy that they’ve returned. We don’t need an Iranian embassy there,” said one of the demonstrators.

The row brings relations between the two countries to a new low, but diplomatic ties have not been cut entirely.

In London the expulsion brought protests against the Tehran regime outside the Iranian embassy.

Behind the dispute lies the ongoing saga over Iran’s nuclear programme. Britain’s move, with the US and Canada, to impose new sanctions prompted

last Tuesday’s attack on the British embassy in Tehran.

Iran apologised, but the UK accuses the authorities of backing the protest. Some observers say the events suggest divisions within Iran’s leadership.

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